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About Eclectiq

Eclectiq Technologies was formed to provide best-of-breed internet applications and solutions to business customers world-wide by taking advantage of the newest in web-services technology while at the same time consolidating existing hardware resources. Whether a company has yet to build a web-enabled business or is already well en route to providing web-based services to customers (both internal and external), Eclectiq can help.

Eclectiq can help you choose a destination for your short and longterm goals, but also chart and navigate your company to those peaceful, distant waters of profitability, security, and efficiency.

Michael Wilkes, founder and Director of Engineering

Prior to starting Eclectiq Technologies, Michael was employed at Organic Inc. in San Francisco as a systems integration architect. Since 1998, he has organized and managed several teams of engineers responsible for hosting and maintaining Web sites for many major international corporations. Michael began his telecommunications career in 1993 at the U.S. Department of Education in the Department of Educational Technology supporting California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. He holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master's degree from Stanford University. Michael is also the author of a book for Cisco Press entitled "Cisco Internet Applications and Solutions" which can be found at the following locations:


CISS book

Cisco Internet Applications and Solutions
Self-Study Guide: Cisco Internet Solutions Specialist
Hardcover: 784 pages ; Publisher: Cisco Press;
1st edition (September 18, 2002)

Ingrid Wilkes, Account Director

With a background in account management for such companies as ABN/AMRO, Cayenne Communicatioins, and Siebel Systems, Ingrid brings an international skillset and network that has enabled Eclectiq Technologies to expand it's operations into new markets and business sectors. She has lead projects for Canon Europe, ABN/AMRO's Anti-money laundering department, Siebel Systems legal department, and others. After graduating from the University of Indonesia in 1993 where she studied business administration, she went on to get her master's degree from the University of San Francisco in 1999.

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