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Eclectiq Technologies provides consulting services in a variety of areas. When it comes to the successful adoption of new technologies, whether open source solutions or commercial packages, it is important to recognize the three A's:


- as obvious as it sounds, this step is the most overlooked aspect to successful change within an organization. In order for change to be successful, there must first be an educated awareness within the business about the problems and opportunities related to changing your technology or related business processes.

Acceptance - without an acceptance of the facts surrounding a proposed change in technology or business process, attempts to implement change will be resisted and eventually fail either totally or partiallly if there is not accpetance that the change needs to take place. This is an important factor surrounding consensus building with key stakeholders within an organization or department.

Action - Once the first two steps are openly embraced, only then is is possible to take effective action. The successful introduction of business-wide systems intregration software or more robust security measures is dependent upon taking clear and well planned actions.

Eclectiq Technologies consulting services can be used to accomplish any or all of the three A's of successful change. No matter how difficult the problem, you can be sure that Eclectiq Technologies can help you define, design, and implement the solution appropriate to your needs and environment.

Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize the effectiveness of your technology solutions.

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