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Systems Monitoring

Systems monitoring is a burden that most IT departments would rather not have to bear. One way to reduce this burden for your own staff is to outsource the Tier 1 support and monitoring of your computer systems and servers. This allows your own staff the ability to apply their skills to more important tasks than tracking down monitoring alerts to determine whether everything is functioning correctly.

Tier 2 monitoring escalation will make sure that critical failures are brought to your attention in a quick and efficient manner, without having to reduce the frequency or scope of your monitoring tests for system performance and other key metrics that you have chosen.

Eclectiq Technologies can also supply complicated solutions to help your company deal with the ever-increasing problem of spam email. Included in our systems monitoring services are the most recent anti-spam filtering tools and techniques.

According to Ferris Research, spam costs businesses in the United States $8.9 billion and in Europe €2.5 billion annually.

Don't be a victim of spam, find out how you can implement powerful spam-reducing email filters and let everyone get back to using email for what is was meant: real communication.

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