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Hardware Consolidation

In the current climate of reduced IT budgets and limited resources being stretched to provide a greater range of services, no other business initiative offers more hope to a company than to make better use of existing investments. This is the case with hardware consolidation. In Eclectiq's experience, there is always room for improvement in the area of hardware consolidation by taking older and often unused computers and re-deploying them.

Many companies have already depreciated most of their hardware investment after 2-3 years and wonder what to do with what is often considered obsolete hardware such as Pentium I and II class machines. These kinds of less powerful computers make excellent candidates for installing Linux or Unix operating systems and returning to productive utilization as file servers, mail servers, DNS servers, and other infrastructure components. Just because the machine can no longer run the latest Windows operating systems does not mean that the computer has to be turned off and recycled on PC dump day.

Talk to us about how you can take just one old computer and turn it into solid, reliable contributor by means of hardware consolidation and re-deployment.


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