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Release Engineering

Eclectiq Technologies has been a leader in building and automating release engineering practices to provide quality and control to the software development process. Release Engineering
is the process of organizing and managing changes to the components of software development efforts. Effective release engineering allows members of a development team to easily
retrieve and build any version of a project in a consistent and repeatable manner.

A version control system is a tool used to manage the changes to source code by maintaining multiple versions of each file. Version control allows teams of developers to coordinate concurrent development. Items that are candidates for version control include more than just source code for software. Just about anything that might change, server configuration files, administrative tools and scripts, documentation, graphics and images can all be managed with version control software.

Eclectiq Technologies can help you build a solid foundation for version control and release management procedures to ensure efficient and effective control over your web site, software
development efforts, internal web sites, and other digital asset management.

Contact us to discuss the ways in which your release engineering needs can help your company make better use of both large and small software development projects.



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